"Articulate, precise, and encouraging"

As Head of the Commercial Performance discipline at Sheridan College, I am able to bring in guest artists for our studio/lab classes. We were so fortunate to have Natalie Weiss in to do a workshop in our Commercial Performance class this past fall. Natalie’s ability to ‘break down the riffs’ reinforced the emphasis we place on tuning and artistry in performance. The students benefitted greatly from Natalie’s vocal demonstrations and then her analysis of their strengths and weaknesses as they applied her suggestions. She was articulate, precise and encouraging, equally at home demonstrating the vocal approach or listening to the students and providing feedback. I would love to have Natalie in to work with our fourth year students who are serious about refining their vocal agility and muscle memory for live and recorded performances.
— Mary-Lu Zahalan, The Faculty of Animation, Arts and Design
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